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For several decades now, Treibacher Industrie AG's company's figures have shown the company to be a consistent top performer.

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2018 Highlights

The sustained positive mood on the global markets, the associated very good order intake and rising raw materials prices, which were ultimately being reflected in our sales prices, were key factors for the significant increase in sales compared with the previous year.

 Since the fourth quarter of 2016, demand for our products has already increased, leading to higher sales prices, especially for vanadium. This trend continued not only in 2017, but also in all four quarters of 2018.

Due to these positive developments and the continuous optimisation of all business processes, our Group has once again succeeded in increasing its operating profit.

As in previous years, all Treibacher business units made a considerable contribution to the company’s good results in 2018.

Our subsidiary in Breitungen (GER), Leuchtstoffwerk Breitungen GmbH, was again able to increase sales slightly year-on-year to around EUR 11.3 million.

Tribotecc GmbH, our Austrian based subsidiary, was also able to maintain its excellent market and technology position in ‘high-performance’ metal sulfides in 2018, achieving a turnover of around EUR 67 million. 

With sustainable investments in the future, an excellent market position that builds on a broad product portfolio and is supported by consistent progress in research and development which constantly produces innovative products, and a focus on our strengths in the area of process optimisation and cost efficiency, our Group is well prepared for the years ahead.


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