Treibacher Industrie AG

The right chemistry – top performance for our customers.

Customer satisfaction has to be earned again and again every single day.  A very good reason why product quality and customer orientation go hand in hand at Treibacher Industrie AG.

Customers appreciate our uncompromising approach to ensuring high-quality products and services and also value our reliability when it comes to delivering on our promises. Because of our excellent access to raw materials due to our reliable suppliers, Treibacher Industrie AG is much in demand for many, also complex projects.  

Treibacher Industrie AG not only leads the way in reliably supplying raw materials but is also very much in demand as a troubleshooter for difficult and demanding projects. It is this flexibility that really sets us apart.

Top performance

The technical expertise and creativity of our employees coupled with future-focused process optimization enables us to deliver top performance day in day out and to meet customer expectations with pioneering innovations.

We focus not only on developing new products but also on systematically optimizing our manufacturing costs, protecting the environment, ensuring maximum utilization of our raw materials and, above all, our secondary raw materials (residues).

As a producer, Treibacher Industrie AG has total control over the quality of its raw materials. As a result, we deliver maximum quality at all times.

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