Innovation is our tradition


High-performance ceramics Contact for High-performance ceramicsHigh-performance ceramics
Hardmetals and energy storage mediums Contact for Hardmetals and energy storage mediumsHardmetals and energy storage mediums
Rare earths and chemicals Contact for Rare earths and chemicalsRare earths and chemicals
Steel and foundry products Contact for Steel and foundry productsSteel and foundry products
Environmental catalysts and pharmaceutical chemicals products Contact for Environmental catalysts and pharmaceutical chemicals productsEnvironmental catalysts and pharmaceutical chemicals products

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Treibacher Industrie AG is an international company with over 100 years experience in chemistry and metallurgy. At its headquarters in Althofen Treibacher Industrie AG develops and manufactures ferro alloys for the steel and foundry industries, powders for the carbide industry, materials for high performance ceramics and fine chemicals and special alloys – our customers value our fine quality, flexibility and customized solutions.