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We offer various, carefully produced carbides in different grades:



Tantalum niobium carbide TaC/NbC
This homogenous, cubic mixed crystal is available in any ratio of Ta to Nb you choose. This mixed crystal inhibits grain growth and makes tools stable at high temperatures

Vanadium carbide VC
Vanadium carbide inhibits grain growth

Chromium carbide Cr3C2
Chromium carbide inhibits grain growth

Tungsten carbide WC
Available in grain sizes between 0.5µm and 6µm.

Tungsten titanium carbide WC/TiC
WC/TiC is produced in a ratio of 50/50, 70/30 or 30/70. Tungsten titanium carbide makes materials stable at high temperatures and resistant to oxidation

Mixed carbides WC/TiC/TaC/NbC
These ternary and quaternary cubic mixed crystals are produced in customer-specific mixing ratios. These raw materials combine the properties of WC/TiC and TaC/NbC. Mixed carbides are stable at high temperatures, resistant to oxidation and inhibit grain growth

Boron carbide B4C



Powders for the hardmetal industry

Carbides (VC, TiC, Cr3C2, TaC, NbC, WC) and mixed carbides (TaC/NbC, WC/TiC, WC/TiC/TaC, WC/TiC/TaC/NbC) are important raw materials for producing hardmetals:

  • Cutting tools for various materials (metal, plastic, wood, glass, stone)
  • Micro drills for printed circuit boards
  • Tools for milling, turning, deep drawing, pressing and for the final processing of tool surfaces
  • Wear parts, paper knives, rollers, wire drawing dies
  • Mining and road construction tools