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Treibacher Industrie AG enjoys international success in the chemistry and metallurgy sectors because the people who work for us have a sense of achievement - both for themselves and the company. Find out at first hand why Treibacher Industrie AG offers you a good professional environment!  

Treibacher Industrie AG is an internationally successful company based in Althofen in Carinthia, Austria. Founded in 1898 by Carl Auer von Welsbach, who invented the gas mantle and the flint, it has a global workforce of around 780 and generates sales of about 400 million euros per year. From the heart of Europe, we operate all over the world, with more than 80 % of our produts being exported. All key company functions – such as production, research & development, and sales – are based in Althofen. We also have additional facilities at various locations around the world as well as a global network of sales partners.

Broad product portfolio – lasting success

We have developed a wide range of products in Althofen for a host of markets. Our fine chemicals are based on rare earths and their compounds, with applications ranging in everything from pharmaceuticals and catalysts to polishing agents. The Advanced Ceramic Materials and Hard Metals business units cover rare-earth oxides and chemicals, zirconium oxide materials, and non-oxides such as borides and carbides. Applications for these materials include bio-ceramics, electro-ceramics, precision investment casting, and the hard metal industry. The large special alloy product area focuses primarily on ferro-alloys for the steel and foundry industry and metal hydride alloys for energy storage.

Innovation is our tradition

For more than 100 years, innovation has been a key success factor for Treibacher Industrie AG. Systematic innovation management can be traced back through decades of continuous improvement and is anchored in the innovation process as an integral part of the company. The amount spent on R&D is above the Austrian average. This is indicative of the focus on innovations and new products, while diversification of the product range means the company is better placed in the event of an economic crisis.

Christoph Herzeg

Head of personnel

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