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Treibacher Industrie AG is based on five strategic Business Units – Advanced Ceramic Materials, Hard Metals & Energy Storage, Rare Earths & Chemicals, Steel & Foundry Products, and Environmental catalysts and pharmaceutical chemicals.

Advanced ceramic materials

Our customers benefit from our experience and know-how in the fields of precision investment castings, thermal spray powders, engineered ceramic parts,  bio- and dental ceramics, electro ceramics, ionic conductors and scintillator ceramics.

Hard metals and energy storage

Treibacher Industrie AG is known for the quality of its precursors for hardmetals and cermets and its energy storage materials. The hardmetal industry relies on the high-quality hard materials manufactured at the company, such as carbides, carbonitrides, nitrides, and borides.

Rare earths and chemicals

Customers value Treibacher Industrie AG's wide-ranging portfolio of products and services and its customized special solutions for catalysts, pigments, frits, ceramic stains, glass fusion and polishing agents, lighters, feed additives, and dietary supplements.

Environmental catalysts and pharmaceutical chemicals

The experience as specialist for rare earths and vanadium chemicals is the basis of the partnership of Treibacher Industrie AG with the pharmaceutical industry and the suppliers of environmental catalysts. But also raw material security, market knowledge and research work are central factors.

Steel and foundry products

As a leading European producer of ferro alloys such as ferro vanadium and ferro molybdenum, the quality of our products and services is critical. We are proud to count among our customers the world’s most successful steel producers. 
Some of our products – including ferro nickel, ferro nickel molybdenum, and calcium aluminates – are made by recycling industrial residues.

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