Advanced ceramic materials

Advanced Ceramic Materials

Treibacher Industrie AG develops and produces technically demanding materials and powders for many applications in the advanced ceramic sector.

Thanks to our wide range of technologies, we are able to offer a broad-based product portfolio. 

  • Various types of precipitation and co-precipitation
  • Electric arc fusion
  • Reaction sintering
  • Spray granulation
  • Carbothermal reduction/synthesis
  • Various grinding and screening technologies: Ball milling, jet milling, wet grinding (agitator bead milling)
  • Vacuum induction melting with degasification and casting
  • Vacuum heat treatments
  • Gas atomization


Products used in high-performance ceramics include:

  • Rare earths (as oxides, mixed compounds, salts and solutions)
  • Rare earth metals
  • Non-oxides (carbides, nitrides, borides, carbonitrides)
  • Refractory oxides (such as stabilized zirconia and refractory metal oxides such as V2O5, V2O3, Ta2O5, Nb2O5, HfO2, etc.)
  • Mixed oxides (yttrium-aluminum-garnet, yttrium-aluminum-zirconate, lanthanum aluminate)

Quality & environment

Working together to define quality

Treibacher Industrie AG can integrate additional QM requirements at any time and validate processes at the customer's request. To this end, we employ a fully developed risk management solution to ensure lean, quality-assured production of high-quality products.

Further information on quality
Further information on environment

Research & development

Pioneers in development

Our development work focuses on high-performance ceramic oxidic and, in some cases, non-oxidic materials for the broad range of applications in environmental and energy technologies, bio-ceramics and precision investment casting.

Application-specific innovations are developed in close cooperation with our customers. This is facilitated by our specialists in the relevant areas and our scalable technology processes that develop products from laboratory and pilot quantities to production quantities within short project timeframes.

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Advanced Ceramic Materials

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Advanced Ceramic Materials

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