Sputter targets and evaporation materials

Sputter targets and evaporation materials

We are experts in precipitation, reaction sintering, electric arc furnace melts, spray granulation, and grinding and screening technologies. Treibacher Industrie AG can therefore deliver powders to exact customer requirements in terms of chemical purity and physical properties (particle size distribution, specific surface area, morphology, etc.).

Our sputter targets and evaporation materials are used in many applications. Countless raw materials, product variants and finished powders for rotary and planar sputter targets are available for these applications.

Common fields of application and examples of target materials include:

  • Large-area coatings, e.g. TiOx (as TCO for Low-E glass)
  • Photovoltaic and solar cells, e.g. AZO (as TCO)
  • Semiconductor industry, e.g. TiOx (as part of storage media)
  • Flat screens, e.g. ITO (as TCO)

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