The ultimate in quality assurance

Having the leading edge is vital. To ensure our customers remain ahead of their competitors, our procedures are subject to ongoing internal and external auditing and optimization processes.


ISO certificates

We had our processes certified to ISO 9001 standards for the first time in 1995. We now have several ISO certificates in place, providing proof of our exceptional efficiency and maximizing the benefit to customers. In addition to ISO 9001, we also have an environmental management certificate to ISO 14001. Lloyds (LRQA) performs the certification processes for Treibacher Industrie AG. Further information can be downloaded here.


In 2017 the first certification according to EN/AS 9100 for the development, production, Analysis and sales of ceramic materials for the Aerospace industry followed.




Code of Conduct

Another indicator for the quality of a company is the quality of social interactions within the company. To guarantee a high quality, a code of conduct has been prepared. One that not only describes how we want to treat each other, but one that is actually practised.




Quality & environment

Committed to top quality

One of the key strengths of our company is that we comply with your exact specifications and ensure these are met in full by our products. 

The same applies to environmental matters. For example, although our production processes are subject to stringent controls, all emissions from production operations are strictly monitored. We also employ high-tech measures to prevent dust and noise emissions.

Further information on quality
Further information on environment


Katharina Kumerschek

Head of HSE & QM

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