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Franz Melcher - Treibacher Industrie

Franz Melcher
Technical Customer Service
Steel and Foundry Products

After completing my degree in ceramics at the University of Leoben and my dissertation on metallurgy/refractory construction materials, I decided to take on a new challenge in the private sector in 2010.

Of the options available to me, I ultimately chose Treibacher Industrie AG, which came across as one of the most secure and interesting employers. I now work in the Steel and Foundry Products business unit where I am responsible for technical marketing and customer service for our Calumet products.

The thing I like most about my job is that, in addition to my technical specialist know-how, I also need and am able to develop my commercial skills thanks to direct customer contact.

Beatriz Pozo Navas - Treibacher Industrie

Beatriz Pozo Navas
Chemical Management

I am responsible for the division of chemicals within the department of health, safety, environment and quality Management (HSE & QM). After obtaining my doctorate at the Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) and first experiences in the field of pharmaceutics, I was looking for new challenges in the industry. As a native Spaniard, I feel very comfortable at Treibacher Industrie AG and appreciate the cultural diversity of the Alps-Adriatic-Region.

Christian Klaming - Treibacher Industrie

Christian Klaming
Plant Manager Ferro-Alloys

I decided to apply for a job at Treibacher Industrie AG after speaking to an acquaintance who worked for the company. Initially, I didn't have much of an idea what being a laboratory assistant involved, but chemistry had always been one of my favorite subjects and I was selected following the entrance test. The most important part of my apprenticeship was gaining considerable experience in metallurgy, chemistry, analytics, preparative work, and research activities.

While working at the company, I have been offered a great many training opportunities for both personal and professional development. I have benefited hugely from training in character building and leadership, and also from working with all kinds of different people here. What I like about our company is the fairness, sense of humor, innovation, and diversity.

My positions in brief: 
1978-1982 Apprenticeship as laboratory assistant 
1983-1989 R&D analysis/project work 
1989-2005 Production Manager for the ferro-alloys FeV/FeMo/FeW/FeW 
Since 2006 Plant Manager Ferro-Alloys.

Manuel Reinsperger

My first encounter with Treibacher Industrie AG was at the “taster days”. Following the entry test, I completed the 4-year dual apprenticeship in mechanical and electrical engineering. Both the theoretical and practical content of the training was perfectly geared to the requirements of the job and the vocational school.

I am currently working in the maintenance section as a locksmith and am also training apprentices. I like the fact that I can pass on what I have learned here.

I have already obtained my master craftsman's diploma. Communication between the locksmiths' and the plants is excellent, so there's a great work climate. Treibacher Industrie AG is a reliable employer and the pay is very good.

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