Rare Earth Metals

Rare earth metals

Treibacher Industrie AG offers various, carefully produced rare earth metals (REM) - also known as rare earth elements (REE) - in different grades. They are used in many high-tech products, in the steel and foundry industry and for energy storage.


Cer-, Yttrium-, Lanthan-, Gadolinium-, Neodym-, und Dysprosiummetall gehören zu den Metallen der Seltenen Erden

Lanthanum metal

Lanthanum metal is a pale gray, elastic rare earth metal that oxidizes immediately upon contact with air and reacts with water to form hydroxide.

  • Irregular pieces of approx. 250 g or 500 g
  • Bars, diameter from 12.7 mm (min. length 10 mm / approx. 7–10 g to max. 120 mm / approx. 95–100 g)
  • Wire, minimum diameter 2.3 mm
  • Powder

Yttrium metal

Yttrium metal is relatively stable in large pieces when in contact with air. In contact with water, it reacts to form hydroxide.

Cerium metal

Cerium metal is an iron-gray, soft, highly elastic rare earth metal. Chemically very reactive, it oxidizes very quickly in contact with air and water.

Gadolinium metal

Gadolinium metal is a silvery white, soft, and malleable rare earth metal with unusual superconductive and magnetic properties. It is relatively stable in air.

Neodymium metal

Neodymium metal is a silvery white, soft, and malleable rare earth metal that forms an oxide coating on the surface when in contact with air.

Dysprosium metal

Dysprosium metal is a bright silvery, very soft, and malleable rare earth metal that remains relatively stable in air at room temperature.
The following are also available on request, in all forms and sizes:

  • Praseodymium metal
  • Samarium metal
  • Europium metal
  • Terbium metal
  • Holmium metal
  • Erbium metal
  • Ytterbium metal
  • Lutetium metal
  • Thulium metal

Aluminum-scandium alloy

Bars of approx. 8.5 kg

Applications of rare earth metals

One of the key areas of application for rare earth metals is in alloys and steels.

Other applications of rare earth metal

  • Galvanizing (Galfan® alloys)
  • Magnets
  • Magnesium alloys
  • Coatings (Thermal Barrier Coatings – TBC, Environmental Barrier Coatings – EBC)

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