Mixed Oxides

Mixed oxides

Mixed oxides are the mixture of the oxides of at least two metals or cations of an element in several states of oxidation. Treibacher Industrie AG supplies carefully produced mixed oxides in different grades to be used in bio and dental ceramics, laser and nuclear technology, catalysts, investment casting, spray powders for coatings, pharmaceuticals and other applications.


Treibacher Industrie produziert Mischoxide wie Yttria Aluminium, Lanthanaluminat und Calcium Aluminate

Yttria alumina garnet YAG – Y3Al5O12
Yttria alumina garnet, YAG, is a white to grayish powder available in particle sizes ranging from 1 µm to 1 mm.

Yttria alumina zirconia YAZ
Yttria alumina zirconia, YAZ, consists of 99.00% yttria by weight, 0.50% alumina by weight, and 0.50% zirconia by weight. It exhibits a high melting point (2,400°C).

Lanthanum aluminate LaAlO3
Lanthanum aluminate has a characteristic white color. We are able to provide particle sizes ranging from 1 µm to 1 mm.

Calcium aluminate – Calumet®
The pre-melted aluminum calcium oxides produced at our metallurgical facilities have low secondary element content and are available in various grades.

  • Calumet®  60
  • Calumet®  70


YSZ – yttria-stabilized zirconia


Our oxide compounds and mixes are used in various applications where product quality and performance need to meet the highest standards.


Other applications

  • Laser technology
  • Nuclear technology
  • Cement industry
  • Fertilizers
  • Waste water treatment
  • Luminescent substances
  • Stabilizers for crystal modifications in industrial ceramics
  • Ceramic cutting tools: Cutting inserts, drills, milling devices
  • Ferromagnetic ceramics
  • Structural ceramics, bioceramics


Other areas

  • AZO, LaFu etc.

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