Vanadium compounds

Vanadium compounds

Mainly used as catalysts, Treibacher Industrie AG manufactures Vanadium salts and Vanadium solutions that are also used by the Pharmaceutical industry as well as for pigments, frits and glazes. 


Vanadiumsalze werden unter anderem bei Pigmente, Fritten und Glasuren verwendet

Vanadium salts and solutions

Vanadium salts and solutions have highly selective catalytic characteristics. This product group exhibits excellent metallurgical recovery of the feedstock used at our facility.

  • Ammonium metavandate NH4VO3  
  • Ammonium polyvanadate (NH4)2V6O16  
  • Sodium vanadate solution NVL
  • Vanadium sulfate solution VO-SO4
  • Vanadyl oxalate VOC2O4
  • Vanadyl oxalate solution VOC2O4



Vanadium salts and solutions are used for a wide range of industrial applications.

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