Metallurgy & Recycling

Metallurgy & Recycling - R&D Department

In the Department of Metallurgy and Recycling, productivity and sustainability are the determining questions for product and process optimization as well as product and process development.

On the one hand, the raw materials market is very dynamic - and on the other hand, the demands on product quality are constantly increasing. Our most important challenge is therefore the technical and economic development of our production processes. Decades of experience in the field of pyrometallurgy form the basis of a continuous increase in our know-how.

This benefits the primary metallurgical process routes for the production of ferro and master alloys, but also our activities in the recycling of residual materials containing valuable metals.

The development of synthesis technologies is decisive for the path from the product idea to economically successful production - from laboratory scale to pilot scale to large-scale production in our production facilities. This development is accompanied by modern simulation and calculation methods.

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