Vision & Mission


Vision und Mission der Treibacher Industrie AG

Treibacher Industrie AG is a global thinking group, that produces internationally.

Treibacher’s employees work in various countries - this makes the group continually grow.
Innovations are developed in cooperation with customers and suppliers, which leads to long-term partnerships.

The group consists of independent business units, which ensures a balanced risk situation. Each business unit plays a significant role in its market.


We are a metallurgical and chemical company that operates internationally and is located in Austria.

We are a competent partner for sophisticated, high quality product solutions in our diversified business units.

We are a strategically significant and reliable partner, who builds trust through continuity, flexibility, market knowledge and financial stability.

We are a strong partner, because of our customer focus, expertise and solution orientation. We are open to new ideas and drive innovation forward.

We support the success of our customers with a secure supply of raw materials, efficient manufacturing processes and high quality products that meet the specific quality standards reliably.

We stand for sustainable, resource-saving production and act in full sense of our responsibility towards stakeholders, employees, society and environment.

We know that our employees foster the success of our company. We encourage them by ensuring optimum working conditions and Environment.

In addition to our vision and mission, ethics and behaviour are of central significance to us. Thus, the documents below summarize how Treibacher Group as a whole has to behave towards all stakeholders, both internal and external, as well as how Treibacher Industrie AG fulfills its Corporate Social Responsibility:

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