What we offer you

What we offer you: An open and productive environment

Treibacher Industrie AG is an economically healthy company in private ownership. We have a clear growth strategy – which is precisely why the career paths of our employees are so important to us.

Karriere bei Treibacher - ein Unternehmen der Chemie Industrie

Our staff is the driving force behind our success. Treibacher Industrie AG therefore considers transparent management structures, short decision-making channels, and a team-oriented environment to be extremely important. Our staff is expected to set themselves targets, achieve them independently, and take responsibility for their actions – irrespective of their position in the company. 

To ensure open and productive cooperation, we have developed management principles (communication, culture of discussion and leadership) that reflect our company's values and are taken very seriously.

We thus offer our employees a wide variety of opportunities to develop and realize their full potential. We encourage creative ideas – and are able to respond fast to changing conditions. 

Team spirit rather than rivalry

We do everything we can to ensure the right chemistry – and remain true to the corporate philosophy of Treibacher Industrie AG: – team spirit rather than rivalry, praise rather than criticism, solutions rather than problems, flat structures rather than multi-tiered hierarchies, motivation rather than obligation, and enjoyment rather than routine. New challenges every day and a highly professional working environment provide no shortage of motivation. Here is just a little taster:

A helping hand from the outset

  • Welcome pack with all important information on the first day at work
  • Structured introductory program with supervisors
  • In-house mentoring program for a rapid insight into all processes

Financial and other kinds of support

  • Profit-sharing
  • Factory canteen with several menus to choose from each day
  • Subsidized meals and beverages for staff
  • Relocation service: Help in finding accommodation and with administrative procedures/organization for new staff from other countries
  • Commuting allowance for travel to work by public transport or car according to the distance traveled


  • Occupational health & safety takes top priority
  • The Company Sports Association offers badminton, mountaineering, an Alpine version of curling, fitness, soccer, group running, step aerobics, tennis, and table tennis
  • Health promotion initiatives, including visits to fitness studios, physiotherapy, nutritional advice, help with stopping smoking, and swimming lessons
  • Company doctors are available, including a health psychologist
  • Our works canteen is geared to providing a healthy and balanced diet

Work-life balance

  • A good balance between work and private life
  • Flexitime
  • Opportunities to work part-time and take unpaid leave

Our values

  • Treibacher Industrie AG sets high ethical standards
  • Strict compliance with human rights
  • Equal opportunities and non-discrimination

Personal development opportunities

  • Career-specific further training
  • Foreign language skills
  • Public speaking, presentation and communication training
  • IT qualifications

Development opportunities for management staff

  • In-house careers
  • Management seminars

Further details are available from our HR Department or at your interview.


Helga Brauneis

Head of personnel

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