Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility - more than just words

As one of the largest industrial companies in Carinthia, we have made it our mission not only to play a significant role in the economy of this country, but also to make a contribution in social, ecological as well as in sporting and cultural areas.

A company's contribution to society is not only to provide products or services for everyday use, but also to fulfill its social, societal (CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility) and environmental responsibilities - these efforts are summarized under the term "sustainability". In today's business environment, this need for responsible and sustainable business behavior is more important than ever. Sustainability and social responsibility, as we understand them, are broad-based:

Corporate Social Responsibility der Treibacher Industrie AG

For example, we support people with disabilities, promote art and culture, and support young sportspeople from the region. We also work hard to ensure that our employees can reconcile work and family life. In the area of the environment, we focus on professional and resource-conserving environmental management. In all our endeavors, we place an emphasis on the region in which we operate. The topic of circular economy in particular is of central importance to us. That is why we would like to place this sustainability report entirely under the motto of the circular economy.


We want to show that there is substance and concrete projects behind the terms sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR), which are on everyone's lips today, with our first sustainability report (2019/2020) and our CSR brochure, among other things:

This Sustainability Report (2019/2020) describes the main environmental, social and economic impacts of our business activities. It provides an overview of how our company addresses the opportunities and risks of the topics of employees, circular economy or responsibility in the value chain, among others.

Our Sustainability Report was prepared on a voluntary basis, is based on the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and will be published every two years in the future. It is an important means of communicating with our key stakeholders.

The issue of sustainability is anchored in our corporate strategy. As a result, we also support the Sustainable Development Goals  of the United Nations (UN) through ongoing activities in the area of sustainability management.

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