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Abbreviation Name Powder Suspension Solution Ready-to-Spray Ready-to-Press
Al₂O₃ Aluminium oxide x
Al₂O₃:ZnO Aluminium-doped Zinc oxide (AZO) x
CeB₆ Cerium hexaboride x
CeO₂ Cerium oxide x
Cr₂O₃ Chromium oxide x
Cr₃C₂ Chromium carbide x
CrB₂ Chromium boride x
Dy₂O₃ Dysprosium oxide x
Er₂O₃ Erbium oxide x
Eu₂O₃ Europium oxide x
Gd₂O₃ Gadolinium oxide x
Gd₂O₇Zr₂ Gadolinium zirconate x
HfB₂ Hafnium boride x
HfO₂ Hafnium oxide x
Ho₂O₃ Holmium oxide x
La₂O₃ Lanthanum oxide x
LaAlO₃ Lanthanum aluminate x
LaB₆ Lanthanum hexaboride x
Lu₂O₃ Lutetium oxide x
Mo₂C Molebdynium carbide x
MoB Molebdynium boride x
Nb₂O₅ Niobium pentoxide x x
NbC Niobium carbide x
Nd₂O₃ Neodymium oxide x
Pr₂O₃ Praseodymium oxide x
Pr₆O₁₁ Praseodymium oxide x
RE₂Si₂O₇ Rare earth disilicate (REDS) x x
RE₂SiO₅ Rare earth monosilicate (REMS) x x
RE-Oxides Rare Earth oxides x
RE-Salts Rare Earth Salts x x
Sc₂O₃ Scandium oxide x
Sm₂O₃ Samarium oxide x
Ta₂O₅ Tantalum oxide x
TaC Tantalum carbide x
Tb₄O₇ Terbium oxide x
TiB₂ Titanium boride x
TiC Titanium carbide x
TiOx Titanium oxide (substochiometric) x x
V₂O₃ Vanadium trioxide x
V₂O₅ Vanadium pentoxide x
W₂B Tungsten boride x
WB Tungsten boride x
WC Tungsten carbide x
WO₃ Tungsten yellow oxide x
Y₂O₃ Yttrium oxide x x
Y₂Si₂O₇ Yttrium disilicate (YDS) x x
Y₂SiO₅ Yttrium Silicate doped with Cerium, Terbium x
Y₂SiO₅ Yttrium monosilicate (YMS) x x
Y3Al₅O₁₂ Yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) x x x
Yb₂O₃ Ytterbium oxide x
Yb₂Si₂O₇ Ytterbium disilicate (YbDS) x x
Yb₂SiO₅ Ytterbium monosilicate (YbMS) x x
YbF₃ Ytterbiumfluorid x
YSZ Yttrium stabilised Zirconia x x x x
ZrB₂ Zirconium boride x
ZrC Zirconium carbide x
ZrO₂ High Purity Zirconia x
ZrO₂ Zirconium oxide x

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